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Making auto care simple and affordable for everyone

June 21, 2016

Whether your car is old or new there will come a time when it has to be serviced. With Carnote, we want to reimagine that experience and make auto care simple.

Several years ago my car broke down out of nowhere and I found myself stranded at a gas station parking lot. As you can imagine, it's a scary situation for anyone to be in. The overwhelming fear in being stranded, the stress of not knowing if you can even afford the repairs—I know it all very well. My car wasn't brand new but I kept up with routine maintenance as regularly as I could afford and there were no previous indicators of an impending breakdown. So when I started the engine, put my car in reverse and discovered it would not move, I was shocked.

This was pre-smartphone days, so I couldn't just search for the nearest auto repair shops on my Kyocera Slider. I had to rely on a phone book and my dozens of available talk minutes to find a shop that could arrange a tow and repair my car. Fortunately I managed to come out of this situation in one piece, but it took a tow truck, 2 weeks without transportation, and over $2,000 to repair the damage caused by a failed timing belt. 

This was my only means of transportation at the time, so this whole ordeal was a huge burden on my household. Everything from our finances, to work schedule — even grocery shopping was affected. But during this ordeal I discovered 2 things:

  1. My car didn't have the car owners manual in the glove box. Don't ask. 
  2. The mechanic informed me the timing belt on my car required replacement every 60,000 miles.

I couldn't get over the fact that for such a vital part, there was no indication it was going to fail. No weird sound, no cryptic light on the dashboard, no mention from previous trips to the mechanic—nothing. To put it simply, I was driving a ticking time bomb and was totally unaware. So the question was asked, "why can't my car notify me in advance?"

“Why can’t my car notify me in advance?”

Over time i've come to learn that my experience is far from unique. There are countless stories from car owners across the country who have been caught off guard by mechanical failure, received unfair treatment at the repair shop or worse. And despite all the advancements in technology, automotive care isn't keeping up. We want to do something about it. 

Whether your car is old or new, there will come a time where it has to be serviced. With Carnote we want to reimagine that experience, do away with the decade-old issues that have plagued this industry and make auto care simple and affordable for everyone. 

The support we have received so far has been phenomenal and we hope our message continues to resonate with car owners across the country. We have a long journey ahead of us, but the entire team is hard at work getting Carnote ready for the masses.

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